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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which the parties involved in creating, producing or delivering this web site ('we', 'our') treat your personal information collected electronically when you use this website. This privacy policy is to be read together with the Terms of Use of the Web site and any communications/interactions connected to it.
  1. What is personal information? Personal information refers to information that identifies or relates specifically to you, for example, your name, age and identity number, and any other information that you have provided to us by means of participation in any research on this website or any other form of communication.
  2. We respect your privacy and your personal information and for this reason, we take all reasonable and appropriate measures (including physical, technological and procedural security safeguards), in accordance with this Policy, to protect your personal information and to keep it confidential. We will also not sell, rent or provide your personal information to any unauthorised third parties for their independent use without your consent.
  3. ECT Act and CPA: We also voluntarily subscribe to the principles outlined in Section 51 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 2002 ('ECT Act'), which govern your right to having your personal information kept private. This means that we will only collect, disclose, collate, process and store ('use') your personal information with your  consent, unless we are required to do so by law, or a court order, or in the public interest, and will only use such information for the lawful purpose for which it is required. We disclose in writing on this website, the specific purpose for which we use, request and store your personal information. We will also keep a record of that personal information and the specific purpose for which we collect it. We confirm that no agreements may be concluded merely by you interacting with this web site and no information contained in this web site is an offer. None of these terms or the privacy policy is intended to contravene any provision of the Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”), to the extent that it may be applicable.
  4. How we collect your personal information: Whenever you use this website, complete a form and/or survey, contact us electronically, or voluntarily participate in any of the activities offered by us or any affiliate party, we will collect your personal information that you have voluntarily provided to us, either by way of registration on the website, and/or by virtue of your interaction with the website content or your participation in any of the activities offered by us on the website. We are not responsible for any consequences related to your (or any other person’s) access to, use of any part of this Website, or of any linked sites, or to your providing any details to us or any other parties/sites. Your use this site entirely at your own risk.
  5. Why we collect and use personal information: In order to research our customers’ wants and needs, and to provide you with the product/s and promotions that you request and/or best suit you, it is necessary for us to find out about your preferences with respect to both products, lifestyle and promotional activities. We therefore collect your personal information in order to be able to identify and contact you as requested, process your requests so that we can determine how best meet your needs, and to analyse your personal information and combine all the information that we have about you to compile a profile of you in order for us to personalise and tailor our products to meet your specific needs.  Once we have collected and analysed the personal information that you have provided, we may send you promotional material or details which we think may be of interest to you.
  6. Opting out from receiving promotional communications: You may opt out of receiving promotional communications from us at any time, either by accessing this website and opting out via the mechanism provided therefore, or opting out via the mechanism provided for on the promotional communications we send to you.
    Personal information held by or disclosed by you to a third party: Because we are not responsible for any representations or information or warranties or content on any website of any third parties (including websites linked to this site or websites that may be facilitated by us, independent of this website), we do not exercise control over any third parties’ privacy policies and you should refer to the relevant privacy policy of any such third party to see how such party protects your privacy.